Second Chance Moments

There is no replica of the moments we are given. They come and go in an instant and if we do not live each moment to it’s fullest potential, we miss out. 

But this does not mean we can not learn from it. We absolutely can. Once a moment is gone and we come to the realization that we could have and should have done better, then that missed opportunity has become a learning experience.

It’s like a drop of rain, waiting to fall from a tree limb. It sits in time. The moment only lasts so long before it moves on. Once it does, there’s no getting it back. The rain drop falls, but can never return to that moment before.

So, when find yourself on the edge of a moment, much like that drop of rain…and time passes, and the moment ends;

God sees you.

And when you find yourself, much like that drop of rain, not knowing how you got there nor knowing how to stop the fall, realize this…

God not only sees you, but knows you and understands you…before, during and after the fall.

No, we can not go back to the exact moment where we once were, but…I do believe God gives us second chance moments, not for His sake, but for ours.


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