Consider This

Never entertain the idea that there’s only one way to see things.

Every view is different.


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Daily Prompt: Entertain

softly blurred

My view has become softly blurred

and my thoughts blend within~

a surreal state of mind.

And sometimes I prefer the windows of rain…

to embrace reality, even when it hurts.



Copyright 2017~The View From My Window
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Driftwood Beach is located on Jekyll Island just off the coast of Georgia. These bending trees remain standing for now, but countless trees have disappeared.  Natures slow and steady force has consumed these oaks and pines at an alarming rate.

As I stood along the shoreline, all I could see for miles was the debris and remains of trees which were once strong and deeply rooted.

Much like these trees, life can bend and sometimes break us from the very root and core of our soul. Bending is surviving.  Sometimes the secret to survival is simply choosing to allow the force to blow through us. Adapting to life’s storms requires a strong root when the winds blow.

Colossians 2:7 is inspiring. It says we should sink our roots in him and build on him. We should be strengthened by our faith that we were taught and overflow with thanksgiving.

Just as a trees roots grows deep into the earth, our faith should also go deep. Be aware of those times when we can adapt to struggles blowing in our direction. Bend but don’t break. Bend down far enough to get on our knees and pray. Pray for strength. Bend down far enough to get on our knees to praise. Praise God in all His glory. Bend down far enough to thank. Thank Him for giving us a life of unbrokenness though Him.

Has there ever been a time when you had to bend or were broken?

What gives you strength through the storms of life?

Please share your thoughts.


Copyright 2017~The View From My Window

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Contentment of Warm Blue

As the spring morning moves forward like the faint clouds,

contentment of warm blue fills me with a quiet reverence.

Sky writings defines the sky.

A hush comes upon me.

My mind relaxes,

as the trail fades into the amazing blue.

No matter what clutter may come my way this day,

it now fades within the writings of the sky.

With an aching awareness within my soul,

I know it will be a very good day and for that….

I am Thankful!



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