Half empty or half full is irrelevant.

The question is:

Will it quench your thirst?

1 Timothy 6:6-7


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Scriptures of Strength: A Podcast Challenge

Hello Everyone,

I’m stepping into new waters and posting my very first Podcast. I have no followers, as of yet, and that’s ok by me. I’m just praying I’m not in over my head on this experience and can gain lots of knowledge and wisdom from all of you.

If you are skilled in this area, please feel free to give advice and constructive criticism. I’m all ears! LOL!  And if you’re not skilled in this area, your comments are also welcomed. 🙂

So, please take a moment and listen to my short 3-minute post. I hope you are encouraged by it and will want to participate.

Lots of love,


Scriptures of Strength Podcast Challenge/Episode 1

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