All thoughts have gone amiss as the sky and water causes me to wonder

with this unforgettable moment on my mind.

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Exploring the Faceless

Photography can take on many forms with various aspects, many of which we hope would express a sense of inspiration through personal connection. But what about those photographs taken of the “nameless” shadows, silhouettes, and masked characters? 

Here’s my take on exploring the anonymity of each subject. Please share what you like or dislike about these images and how they make you feel.

Dark and Light/ This photo was taken while attending a concert. The stage lights mixed with the darkness of the room produced a hazy silhouettes of heads in front of me. 

BACKSIDE/ Unlike the photo above, this particular photo was shot at the ocean during the day in full daylight. I took the photo of his backside while he was fishing. His hat was a great concealer of his true identity. The light background of the ocean with the white waves directly in front of him brought about a stronger appearance of him. This particular fish was being thrown back into the ocean.

FAR AWAY SUBJECT/ This photo was taken at a completely different ocean. I actually took this shot from my hotel window. The kayakers were preparing to take off into the waves. Shooting at a distance made this one interesting. Even though they appear small, the human eye is still drawn to them without revealing their identity.

USING SUNLIGHT/  While my husband and I were waiting to be seated at an eclectic little restaurant in Richmond, Va., I couldn’t help but notice the sunlight peaking through the window. As you can see, we were fairly close to those who were eating, but the sunlight shaded the room, giving a dim appearance to those eating. The sun gave just enough light in the dark room to bring about a distant effect maintaining the anonymity of those dining.

ABSTRACT/ And last but not least, turning a monochrome photo into an abstract creating a more dramatic image. Thinking outside the box gave this photo a completely different look and feel. The man and young boy were completely unaware of me standing several feet behind them. Using my zoom, I was able to catch the silhouette of them standing under the pier. 

It’s amazing how a photo of faceless unknowns can be so interesting. Textures, colors, lines, geometric patterns, curves, shadows, silhouettes, creativity, and the right environment seem to all work together to tell a beautiful story. 

It’s all about perspective. 


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A Face In the Crowd


Less is More

Why do we insist on making life so complicated?

For us to simplify our lives, maybe we need to start with our surroundings.

Declutter your heart, mind and soul.

Make space for what really matters.

Decide what is important.

Remove what distracts. 

Simplicity. Make it a practice. Not a project. 


Please share with me one way to simplify ( any and all aspects of life)…

Your contribution will be used in a future post. 🙂


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Diversity of Experience

~There is not one single, cookie-cutter pattern in nature

and she gratifies in the beauty of her  variation. ~



These two ocean photos were taken within the time of two consecutive  clicks of my camera. Same spot. Same distance. Same ocean. But never the same. Always was, is, and always will be a variation in the view.


As the sun was setting, I caught the silhouettes of ducks floating on the lake. The beautiful reflection of sunlight beaming off the water at that particular moment in time created the most amazing silhouettes. Isn’t it awesome how  the ducks can be so different but yet share the same lake? And we, humans, scratch our heads with an inscrutable gaze still trying to figure this one out…

~The duty of all human kind is to spiritually live life fully and to use free will wisely.~ 



Variations on a Theme

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