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Tunnel vision. We’ve all been there…done that. Sometimes good. Sometimes, not so good. Focus is important. We all need to stay focused on what is important in our lives…but what if that tunnel vision creates such a blindness that we only see the light ahead, and not those who are helping us along the way. Then what good is the goal?


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Short and to The Point

While at the playground with my grandchildren, I couldn’t help but think of all the negative in this world they are surrounded by. I snapped this shot of my youngest grandson who is 17 months and wonder what will it be like for him and his brother in the next five, ten or fifteen years from now. 

It is imperative for adults, that includes me and you…to be more involved with the youth of today. When naked truths are exposed and it takes the courage of young people to step up, something is terribly wrong in our culture. Those who are not conversant in the lives of our children should not be surprised as to what they may do. Those who set poor examples of behavior for our children need to stop. Children live and breathe by our behavior. Our children are always watching. Our children are always listening. 

Children are valuable. Even though they are unfinished in life,

they still make our society a whole.

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Milestone: 5,000+ Views

It’s all because of you that I am able to write this post. Because of your amazing support, I am able to proudly tell you that The View From My Window has reached a milestone of 5,000 views, as of yesterday. I had no idea that the thought of starting a blog a year ago would bring so many blessings in so many ways. The View From My Window has given me the opportunity to escape into a creative world of thoughts and words which allows me to hear my inner voice.

My hope is that if only one person can identify and connect with one thought or even one word…then, The View From My Window has opened the view to “our” window…and seeing what really matters, together. 

Thank you for the amazing support from all around the world. I ask for your continued support and  please share your thoughts along the way….because we all have a window and each window has a different point of view.







One Word Wednesday


We don’t always see things as they are…but as we are.

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