142 Days Ago

It’s been 142 days since my last post. Let’s just say I’ve been going through a rough transition which I hope will only be temporary.

I took notice of this beautiful bloom along a public parking lot. This bloom was somewhat large but small, in comparison to its surroundings. I’m not sure how many pass by and notice its amazing beauty and aroma each day, but I’m thankful I saw it today.

My definition:

Bloom (noun) a beautiful process of becoming more than you were the day before…especially when rising from the dirt and dust.

You do not have to be perfect. You do not even have to be noticed for your progress. As long as you see how far you’ve come, that’s all that matters. Even a flower struggles before it finally blooms. That is what makes the process worth it.

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My Wan*der*lust

Hello Friends,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog and I must say, I’ve missed you. But I have a very good reason for being gone.

I’ve Been On A Road Trip

My husband and I packed our bags with no plans other than traveling west on the Historic Route 66 also known as the Will Rogers Road, the Main Street of America and the Mother Road.  The only things we took were our clothes and our eight maps which led us through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. We flew into Los Angeles, California… rented a car and drove the route backwards into Illinois. 


As a child, I grew up in a small town with limited traveling with my family. We took our yearly vacations to visit grandparents and would enjoy a day at Sea World, with which I still look back on with fond memories. Now that I am older, I want to do more. I want to see more. And so, I am.  A.K.A.- my Bucket List.

In search of all the #route66 road signs, we gassed up the car and drove. We had no idea where we would stay each night because we had no idea where we would actually be come nightfall. This was all part of the adventure and because of that… I was able to capture a few amazing sunsets along the way.

This beauty was captured along a route66 road in Arcadia, Oklahoma. We could see the sun setting behind us through our rearview mirror, so we pulled over along the isolated road. A farm-house was just across the road so I pulled out my Canon and walked over to wait for the sun to set. The driveway reminded me of when I was a child. The path of rocks had been beaten down to just dirt with a line of grass growing in the middle of the path. Some memories will never grow old. 🙂

Beautifully shaped trees lined the driveway up to the house. I stood from afar taking shots of the sunset as it lowered behind the trees. But then, I looked over and saw a field aligned with a fence of barbed wire. As I knelt down, the sun was setting perfectly creating a beautiful silhouette. The barbed wire fence served its purpose without obstructing my amazing view.

Liberating To The Heart

There’s something very liberating about doing the unexpected. We had become very fascinated with the Mother Road, but there were times we veered off to another destination, and it was well worth it. One of the stops not on the route was the Grand Canyon in Arizona. This is the only one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World located in Northern America and I was blessed to stand in awe of it all. It was breathtaking with all its layers of red rock stretched out all of 277 miles and 2,600 feet deep. 

Life Is An Adventure

I have come to believe that life is meant to be enjoyed and not just lived. We must go on adventures to truly find where we belong. And my adventures can be anywhere from my own living room with my grandchildren to God’s beautiful creation in the great outdoors. 

My Bucket List

The older I get the more curious my heart and soul becomes which is what sparked my thoughts of a bucket list. And that’s when I realized adventures are the best way to learn.

As I  have said…I lived a small life, in a small town and raised my children in that very same small town. As they reached adulthood, they began to experience new adventures as they traveled the world in various countries. I was excited for them. It wasn’t until May of 2013 when my son plunged from an airplane in a tandem skydive, that I was inspired to explore my own adventures.

My wanderlust for new experiences kicked in the year 2014 when I got my very first tattoo. Every June 1st, I smile when I look at my small -Faith- tattoo with the infinity symbol encircling it. My faith in God is what always gets me through life’s struggles each and every day, so what better way to openly express it for all to see.  

March of 2015, I flew for the very first time EVER! I was 52 years old before I had ever flown. Some of you may be thinking…Wow! Really? Well, that’s okay because as you read further, one of the things I checked off the following year makes up for all those flights I had missed.

My love for music charts the top of the list along with my passions for photography and writing. I’ve been to many concerts of various genres over the past 35 years.  My top two artists to see are Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney. I checked Sir Paul McCartney off my list in June of 2015. Watch my video here. I’m still in search of those Clapton tickets.

April 24, 2016 was the year I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane of 10,000 feet. I do believe this makes up for all those times I didn’t fly. LOL! I will never forget the experience of free-falling for the first thirty seconds before the parachute opened landing me onto an open field of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Which leads me into this year, June 2018, of my adventure of an open road of the historical road of route 66. What a journey it was of meeting so many friendly people along the way.

We traveled through ten states in nine days with a total of 3,484 miles. Spontaneously finding lodging for each night, we stayed in three hotels and five Airbnb’s and enjoyed food from various amazing restaurants along the way. One of which, was featured on the show Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives. Dressel’s Restaurant of St. Louis featured the Porchetta “Louie” on the show and I had to try it. It was delicious. Check out the video here.

This brings me to the end of this post but definitely not the end of my journey. I will be posting many more photos of my incredible journey in the future.

My Insights

Until then, I want to share a few thoughts of what I’ve learned from these amazing opportunities I’ve been able to experience.

I read a quote once which said…”A mind stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions.” I truly believe this. 

There is nothing like getting out of your comfort zone while traveling, to make you realize you are a ‘newbie’ in so many of life’s experiences…no matter what age you are.

God has given me something that I will forever be thankful for and always appreciate. All of us have experiences that become memories, but more often than not, while living the experience…we don’t realize what a great, and possible bittersweet memory it could become.

I have grown fond of this thing called –wanderlust. Just when I think my life couldn’t get any better, God gives me one more thing to be thankful for and I give Him all the glory of all my many blessings.

Even when I’m not posting, I am always writing a story in my heart. 


What are some of your adventures? Do you have a bucket list? What are your future dreams/goals? Please inspire me and share your thoughts and stories.


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Growth is Painful…

We are not perfect nor do we need to pretend that we are. But I do believe it is necessary for us to be the best that we can possibly be if we want to enjoy life while here on earth. 


I started my journey of watching my diet and counting calories on January 16th. I will be the first to say, IT’S BEEN HARD… especially on days or weeks when I’ve been traveling. But, I’ve been fairly consistent and am down 12 pounds. I still have 20 more pounds to go and hoping to reach my goal to finally fit into my wedding dress of 35 years ago.

I have failed many times and given in to the Coca-Cola and chocolate but that’s ok. I have missed some days and weeks of exercising, and that’s ok, too. I’m just taking it one day at a time.

Just like the ocean’s tide, I have my highs and lows.

As long as I have the willpower, I will make it. And my prayer is that this time will be different. This journey is teaching me how much I have over eaten in the past and how out of shape I have become, if I can ever say that I was really ever in shape! LOL 😀 I don’t know how long it will take me to reach my goal, but I do know that once I do, my mindset has changed.

Just having turned 55 and living with an autoimmune disease has made me realize that life is way too short to not take care of myself and enjoy life as much as possible physically, mentally and spiritually.

It’s highly unlikely that I will make it as a pro body builder… 🤪 but I will continue my journey. I will continue to count calories. And I will continue to exercise.

Not much muscle tone yet but I am working on eliminating the flab! 😀 

Are you in the process of working on something to better yourself? If so, please share. I would love to hear about your journey and what works/doesn’t work for you in gaining results. 

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There’s No Place Like Home

The black silhouette of the dragonfly hovers over my car

and I can’t help but wonder if he realizes he’s not home.

Like most of us, the dragonfly is temporarily out of his own element. Sometimes it’s useful to go out of this world and see things from a different perspective. Finding the true meaning of life is what we all seek. The difference is the journey.


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Out Of This World