…along the concrete jungle…

Somewhere among the thousands of people along the concrete jungle,

just below the canvas of steel lies something beautiful. 


Unnoticed and without any inkling of its beauty by those with swift feet,

lies a pink flower.

And then my mind begins to conjure up thoughts of how it used to be.


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Can you imagine every flower being of the same shape, likeness and color?

Me neither.

And so it is with humans.

I can’t imagine being created with all our differences

to conform to a uniform likeness of mind.

Independent lives and minds coming together through our differences

is a rare and beautiful thing.

What’s your thoughts? It’s ok if you disagree. 🙂



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Tickled Pink

Although pink is not my signature color…

Not that I really have one.

But if I did…I would have to say it would be the color blue.

So today, I purposely looked in my closet for the color pink.

Um…this is what I found.

A pink hoodie I bought several years ago at a Child Development Training/Conference.

This is probably only my third time wearing it. I’m not quiet sure why I even  bought it at all. Maybe the cute logo on the side? Do you see it? It’s a picture of three crayons representing children holding hands. The slogan says, “Little People Color Our World.”

With the temperature only in the mid 50’s today and rain, I decided to pull it off the hanger and wear it. It was then that I remembered why I hardly ever wear it. It is hand wash only. Ugh! Who has time to wash by hand? Obviously,I don’t. LOL

After I returned home from my errands, I decided to research the meaning of the color pink. To my surprise, the color somewhat represents my character. The spiritual meaning of pink represents caring, compassion, unconditional nurturing love, understanding and is associated with giving and receiving care. These traits are all a part of who I am particularly as a mother and Child Development Specialist working with children and families. Because of this, I give PINK one point.

I have to admit, I LOVE to photograph flowers. And when it’s PINK…It POPS!

It’s fair to say you can never go wrong with a little Pink

Because of this, I give the color pink five more points for a total of six.

With that being said, here is another selfie of me wearing pink.

YES! Another four points for Pink Creativity.

Pink gets a 10!

One would think I would be quite fond of this color after reading this. But that’s not the case.

My philosophy:

~La Vie Est Belle en Blue~

Life is beautiful in blue.

What’s your signature color? Is it PINK?


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One of life’s mysterious lessons…

How she can be so strong

but yet so delicate.

Beauty becomes her.

She stands tall among her peers.

Yet, ever so exquisite.

She rises to the challenge.

Yet, knows her limits.

She opens her heart knowing

all along…

it could be broken.

Like scattered petals…

Her heart, though strong..

still fragile.

She’s a woman.


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