In Memory…

A million feelings

A thousand thoughts

Never-ending memories

One sweet rose

In Memory…

of the 17 victims

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Parkland, Florida

Our prayers are with you as your tears fall…


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one sweet rose



While traveling to Florida, the sun began to set and I hoped I could get a shot as the sun continued to peek through the trees.

With my husband driving and me in the passenger seat, I rolled my window down and took a shot with my iPhone.



A double reflection of the setting sun peeking through the trees.

It was one of those ‘right place, right time’ moments. 

There’s no force more powerful than seeing God work through his own creation.



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The Same but Different

Country Fall


NIGHT LIGHTS of Nashville, Tennessee

NIGHT LIGHTS of Nashville, Tennessee

BLUES and GREENS along a Virginia Roadside

BLUES AND GREENS along Virginia Roadside

CLOUDS OVER OCEAN, Destin, Florida

CLOUDS OVER OCEAN, Destin, Florida

These are just a few of my photos that are unique with their own beauty. Although these landscapes are uniquely different, there is one element in common. They are all cropped. With this simple step, each photograph improved  just by removing extra stuff from the perimeters that cluttered their beauty. In others words, I got rid of the junk to improve the overall look. Not a bad idea….Maybe we should try that in life, as well.

Side Note: If you click on the last image, it will take you to my newly published blog, Free Flow Friday, hosted on Blogging U Events: The Daily Post. If you are interested in writing, sharing a photo or just get acquainted with the blogging world…give it a click.  🙂


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Sun Almost Set

Sun Almost Set in Destin, Florida

Sometimes, we need to take a few days to get away

to appreciate how good life is…

I am very thankful for this moment when the sun was almost set.

Life is full of give and take…so

Give thanks and take nothing for granted.

“I am blessed beyond measure.”

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Today is Thankful Thursday. There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

You know what comes next….Please share what you are thankful for today; because it matters.