Do you “selfie?”  Forgive give me  if that question is too personal but It seems 2013 is the year for selfie portraits. In case you don’t know, a selfie is a photograph you take yourself typically with a smart phone and then uploaded to a social media page such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  I’m sure some of us are guilty of this self indulging act more than others.

But why do we do this? Doesn’t it seem a bit odd or even somewhat conceited to take a photo of ourself and post it ourself for all of the social media to see? Maybe if it becomes a little annoying to friends…but a “selfie” uploaded once in a while, may be harmless.

You would think selfies would be amazingly simple but I found several websites that explain the “in’s and out’s” and the “how to’s” of this single shot photo. How to Take a Selfie, The Five Times You Really Shouldn’t Selfie, and The Art of Selfie are among the list. But what I want to know is “Why” do we take selfies? Are we bored, looking for compliments, seeking attention, want to show others how we feel…where we are…what we’re doing…who we’re doing it with…because it’s the thing to do…or is it simply because it’s fun and feels good?

What ever our reasons may be, the question is, “What does your selfie say about you?”  Is it a mirage; a figment of your imagination? or does the image match up to the real you? There are times we scroll past the selfies and ask ourselves, “What were they thinking?’ or “Great, There they are again!”  Sometimes, I find myself taking the same photos with the same self expressions and think…”Have I become that image I see on my phone?”

“Maybe it’s time we examine the question…”What does your selfie say?”

Do we want to encourage or be noticed? Do we want to positively affect others or be that “pill” that’s hard to swallow?

Selfies are usually taken with the intent to have the right angle, at the right moment, in the right outfit, with the best hair and best expression to depict who we are at that very moment in time. If we are taking the effort for the best image shouldn’t we also have the best intentions of what our selfie says to others? It takes a certain amount of pride to promote a selfie. Our lives should also take on the same pride.

                HOLLY          Bold, Daring, Courageous, Brave,                    Fearless

Bold, Daring, Courageous, Brave,

In Holly’s “selfie”…the red lipstick brings out the boldness of her smile. The words daring, brave, courageous and fearless come to mind. Could Holly not also be bold in Christ as she lives her life? Could she be courageous in sharing what God has done for her through her victories and defeats? ABSOLUTELY!

                LORIE           Confidence


Lori’s “selfie” speaks Confidence from having a “good hair day” in a “great pair of sunglasses.” Could she also possess confidence in Fruits of the Spirit? Could her life be filled with confidence through love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control? Could she feel just as beautiful inside as she does out? DEFINITELY!

      ANNE and SYDNEY                    LOVE


This duo “selfie” of Anne and Sydney portrays LOVE…Family, Togetherness, Bonding. Their lives together could also speak to others of God’s blessings. The blessings only God can give as their lives are fulfilled with sharing and caring through family ties. Can God’s love be passed down from generation to generation? YES! YES! and YES!

               ERICA         Just HALF THERE


                ERICA          Complete/Whole


Erica’s first “selfie” is a halfsie shot. This photo plainly says “I’m just half here.” Feeling half-way…unreal, in-between, not in control, not myself, out-of-touch. We can all feel this way sometimes. But, Erica’s second “selfie” exclaims COMPLETENESS…Wholeness…Absolute…ALL IN!  This is where we all want to be!

It’s amazing how a “selfie” can give us complete control of how we present ourselves to others. We take the picture, sometimes more than once, to get that perfect expression. We edit the image to eliminate any flaws. We enhance to focus on our best features. Once we are happy with the completed image, we post it for all to see….waiting for the “likes”, “shares” and comments of the approval from others.

If our lives were on display much like the “selfie,” would they match up to the same person? In the era where we are plugging into the posed photos, let’s make sure our “selfie” says something worth saying. Go beyond the lens and get up close and personal with yourself and have the BEST.SELFIE.EVER!

What things can we do to be the BEST.SELFIE.EVER?

Please share your thoughts…

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Plain and Simple is always better....

Plain and Simple is sometimes better….

Hey Guys,

         Just taking a moment to see what’s up? I feel like I’m the only one doing all the talking and right now, I’m getting a little tired of hearing myself. A fellow blogger, Shanice Nicole,  over at has inspired me to step out of the box and express myself. I appreciate her blog, her encouragement and…even though we have never met, I appreciate her! When you get a chance, check her out.

          If you know me and have been following me on Face Book or through this blog, you know what’s been on my heart these past few weeks. I am going through many transitions and I want to thank all of you who have made a difference in my life. You are appreciated! If you don’t know me, I am always open for new, LET’S TALK!

         This is our moment to connect! I will say a few things about me and then it’s your turn.

1. I love music! Music makes me happy.  2. I can’t swim and probably never will and I’m ok with that.  3. I have a fear of driving on the interstate that has lots and lots of cars surrounding me, especially semi-trucks. This comes from an incident that occurred several years ago and haven’t gained the courage to get back in that driver’s seat in the middle of all that traffic.  4. I dislike soggy cereal.  5. I am working on my bucket-list and skydiving is on the list. (I KNOW: How can I possibly go skydiving when I can’t even feel safe driving on the interstate? Go figure..)  🙂  6. I recently became a NANA for the first time and I’m here to say, “There’s nothing like it!”  7. My family and God are the most important part of my life.

Now…It’s your turn. If you have anything in common with me…let me know. If you have advice, give it! If you have something to say, please share it with me. Tell me something…anything…whatever is on your mind.  I want to hear your voice. What you have to say matters to me. LET’S TALK!

                                                   Simply,  Laura

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