In Memory…

A million feelings

A thousand thoughts

Never-ending memories

One sweet rose

In Memory…

of the 17 victims

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Parkland, Florida

Our prayers are with you as your tears fall…


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one sweet rose


Conveyor of Words

No matter what life’s circumstances may bring, we have a choice of how we will act and react. As for me, I’ve come to believe that positivity can be a very powerful conveyor during life’s struggles. Through The View From My Window, I try to convey that positive words and a positive perspective are important in everyday life.

The magic of words can do more than just define a meaning. Our words can be the most inspiring form of communication or the most damaging. They have the power to create and motivate. And I believe we have a responsibility over the words we speak.

With that being said, I am asking for your support by ‘following’ and ‘sharing’ my podcast, which is the voice behind my blog. I’m still new to this type of platform so you would be helping me grow and expand in many areas. 

I started this podcast last year and took a break to further other endeavors, but my heart speaks to me that I should continue this effort to see where it will take me. 

The View From My Window Podcast (Please click the link)


is to publish an episode at least once a week. I’ve already posted ten episodes which stem from my blog in some way. The topics will hopefully get better as I go. And I hope to go “live” and chat with others to share a common ground with others.


I have a passion to express my thoughts through words whether it’s to entertain, educate, inform, or just chat. But most importantly, to connect with others. To move and be moved. To share and to listen. To get real with myself and others.

I hope you will join me in this effort. I truly need your guidance and support. I’m all ears and using you as my soundboard.

Lots of Love,


Copyright 2018~ The View From My Window

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I’m Thankful For…

Hello My Friends and Fellow Bloggers,

It’s been a while since I posted a Thankful Thursday and I have much to be thankful for.

These days, I find myself being thankful for the small things we often take for granted. You know…the food in the frig, the car in the driveway, a safe neighborhood to live, AND  YES….may I add, a much-needed day off. It’s Thursday. I’m not working today and I am thankful.

I am also thankful for all the readers, followers and supporters of my little view of the world. When I first thought of starting this blog, the idea was to bring a passion of mine back to life. My passion for writing. From the moment I hit publish on my very first post, I never dreamed I would be this thankful for such an opportunity to share my thoughts with others.

I am extremely thankful for my blogging community.

I am inspired by you every day.”

I recently started a new page which is called “Laura’s Link-Up.” With each post, you are asked to share your thoughts and a link to your blog to share within the blogosphere. I am truly thankful for all who participated.

Below are a few fellow bloggers who participated in the most recent “LINK-UP.” Please check them out. You may discover a new friend and a new inspiration just a link away.

Lori Greer in Portland
Lori’s goal is to share her journey as a widow in an effort to help others facing loss.

Grubbs and Critters

A blog where you can find Ann’s recipes, stories on parenting, kids, travel and life as a guest in a foreign land.

Bee Organized With Pamela

Pamela blogs about being organized by sharing quick tips that will save you time. Because clutter steals time. Think about how much time you have spent looking for you keys, shoe, glasses…

Idle Muser

Aditi Sharma from India, said her tagline is all about Living your Passion. Take charge of your life and become your Passion… So that by the time you grow old and look back to that 20 something you, you don’t regret that age.

Just Plain Ol’ Vic

Vic states he started this blog to connect with others that suffer from mental health issues and/or have loved ones that have mental health challenges. This is his way to connect, discuss and educate himself about my  his wife’s condition and perhaps in turn, allow him to be a better spouse.

Merry Hearts Medicine

This Merry Hearts Medicine site hopes to brightens your day, at least just a little.  On this site, you’ll find thoughts about happiness, thankfulness, relationships, photography, homeschooling, and other varied tidbits.  It’s all about finding joy.

Big and Pinky Toes

This working wife and mom of 2 young kiddos writes about the things that are important to her which may be social issues, family topics To be honest, and any and everything about food.

The Mulligan Life

But for those of you interested, this blog is a 50-something female who is still trying to find her way through this adventure called life.

A Momma’s View

Here, you will read about life as a woman, as a wife, as a mom, as an expat and as homeschooling parents. You will read about what inspires her and what makes her sad or mad.


A blog that really cannot be categorized because it’s a lil bit of everything, mostly challenge.

Auburn Rhyme

A young writer, is what I would like to call myself but truthfully I’m just a girl whose thoughts demand to be voiced and shares her daily thoughts on the world in the forms of poetry/prose.

Thanks again to all who participated. If you haven’t linked up yet,just click here and also… be looking for next Monday’s Link-Up.


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For Bloggers Only

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

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Thanks so much,


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