Life Is Full of Questions?

Did you ever light a match to watch it burn? How close did it come to the point of no return?
Did you ever draw a line daring yourself to cross over? Did you stare it down? Or did you step across it with composure?
Is it better to face consequences or never knowing right from wrong?
Are you stronger when a rebel? Or does your strength come from within during the moments when you are weak?
Who is more lonely? Those you want to belong or those who don’t?
Which is valued more? A penny for your thoughts or a penny for the poor?
Have you ever wished you were someone else? And what would that resolve?
Have you ever thought you deserved much more? How would you feel if you really got what you deserved?
Is God someone you’ve come to learn or a two syllable word you’ve learned to say?
Have you ever ignored what should have been heard? Or listened to what should not have been said?
Have you ever felt sorry for yourself but not for others?
Have you ever fought for a cause but not for the truth?
Are mistakes inevitable? Does that make it okay?
Would you rather be a walking dead man?  Or a dead man risen? Do you even know the difference?
Is failing ever a good thing?
Have you ever been the judge? Yet, not want judged?
Which is worse? Not praying at all or praying in vain?
If you knew you only had twenty four hours left to live, would you do anything different? And would it really be sincere?
If you had to choose between happiness and joy, which would you choose? Did you know there is a difference between the two?
How do you distinguish the difference in politically correct and spiritually correct?

Which is worse? Reading this post and not caring or “liking” but not reading?

Just thinking-out-loud. Your thoughts and comments are appreciated. 🙂

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