Thanks for clicking on my Face Book Photos by Laura Page. The majority of the photos published on this blog are my own photos. I am merely an amateur.  I love writing and I love viewing the world around me with photography.  Although I do use a camera, the only real equipment I use are my eyes. My eyes see and the camera merely captures. Please visit my page and if you like what you see, please “like” and “share” with others. Life is BEAUTIFUL!

5 Replies to “Photos by Laura”

  1. Ah-ha – a link to Facebook. Dare I?

    I did – I dared!

    Loved the ‘that moment when the snow blankets and everything is soft and quiet…’ and the sun coming through those blinds was awesome. The autumn leaves takes me to a feeling I love so much … and there’s more, much more that I love on that Facebook page!

    Thanks for this, Laura! 🙂

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