Trust the process in the transformation

With every effort you make, no matter how small it may seem…

you are defining the nature of your reality into a beautiful thing.

~ laura

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Her Tears; They Fall


Sometimes the heaviest substance doesn’t come from rain,

It comes from pain.

The dense cloud which overhangs…

Her tears; they fall. Emotions recalled.

No holding back. She can’t, this time.

It’s finally released of all that’s contained.

The silence is real.

those poetic drops

in just a single tear

convey so much, if someone could only hear.

The words you just read are completely about me. If you’re a woman, there’s a good chance you might have thought I was describing you.

Sometimes I just feel ~meh.~ By that, I mean… I have a lack of interest in things I once had. I’m indifferent. No enthusiasm. And just feel like blah. When that happens and stress sets in, my emotions begin to surface and the tears begin to fall.

I wish I could see it coming. But I usually don’t. I wish I could control it better. But I usually won’t. I’m not sure if men ever feel this way. If so, I’m all ears.

We all cry for many different reasons. And some cry more than others. I’m not usually a fan of crying and I try not to do it often, unless it’s mixed with laughter. My tears come when I’m sad or stressed. Lately, I’ve been feeling stressed which makes me sad. Not depressed. Just sad.

So…the tears fall.

Sometimes I welcome the tears. It helps release the pressure from within. Other times, I may not want to be exposed to such vulnerability, so I restrain.

What do I do?

If I can, I walk away. If that’s not possible, I focus on something else. I distract myself. Sometimes breathing in deep and slow helps. Other times, I tune out the negative and focus on the positive. Sometimes, I focus on someone else. It helps take the pressure off of me. Believe it or not, sometimes I blink often or move my eyes back and forth. It helps control the tears. 🙂  There are times when I try to think of something funny to redirect my thoughts somewhere else.  I’ve also found myself writing it about, like right now… or I talk to someone. Eliminating some of the stress will also eliminate some tears. Learn to ask for help.

And sometimes a good cry is just what I need. So I cry!

But , No Matter What…

I know I’m not alone. Even on those days when I don’t understand why I’m crying, someone does.

God knows my tears before they even form.

Before they ever fall. God knows them all.

And for that, I am thankful.


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Sometimes you are the most productive when you are relaxed. ~ Laura


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Life’s Curves

Curves are all a part of life. From the moment a newborn bonds through the curves of his mother to our last breath of life. We may not always see them or understand them, but the curves are there for our learning.

Completely unaware of this learning curve, the swing becomes a teacher.

Completely unaware of this learning curve, the swing becomes a teacher.


Sometimes curves are vague and come unexpected...with no explanation. And all we can do is just try to stay on track.

Sometimes curves are vague and come unexpected…with no explanation. And all we can do is just try to stay on track.


But I think life's curves can be beautiful...if we move in the direction...

But I think life’s curves can be beautiful…if we move in the direction…


…in which God would want us to go.


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