when life gets messy

Have you ever purposely acted in a certain way just so others would notice you were sad?  Is there a moment in time when you knew something just didn’t feel right and wondered…Is this what depression feels like? Or, have you acted as though everything is fine on the outside but you’re desperately hurting on the inside? Maybe, just maybe, there was a time when things have gone totally wrong…but the outcome would have/could have been much worse if it would have went right.

Sometimes I find myself working hard on the wrong thing. My attitude is wrong. My smile is wrong. I’m just chasing the wrong things in life. Sometimes, we find ourselves working hard on something wrong when it’s actually much easier to work hard on something right.

Sometimes life can get down right dirty.
Children who play in the dirt for the first time won’t realize the mess it makes until they have experienced it…touched it…lived it. Once they have lived it and felt the mess, they then realize it’s ok to get dirty, but they can’t remain that way.

Life isn’t meant to be perfect. Maybe is supposed to get messy. As adults, we can quickly find ourselves in messy situations. Relationships can be complex. People, whether intentional or not, can hurt us. We hurt people. We hurt ourselves.

WHY do We do THAT?

Because we are not perfect. Because we need something…someone much bigger to help clean us up.  Without the  mess, how would we experience any of life’s lessons? Without mistakes, how would we learn? Without God, how would we survive the beautiful chaos of life?

All of us, even the most positive people we know, have moments of a messy life. Yes,

I admit…sometimes, I am a mess. Sometimes, I make mistakes. But I  thank God for faithfully loving and blessing me on this journey of  life’s beautiful mess.


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just a mile down the road…

As I lie in bed with the blankets over my head, all I can think about is how bad I feel. Sickness breathes deep within. I sleep, then wake, then sleep. Four days have passed…blankets still over my head. Shortly before 11:00 a.m., I hear a blast of several fire sirens sounding off in a distance. The echoing is so disturbing. My mind wonders and ponders to what may be happening only a mile down the road, as my head is still under the blankets. I suddenly realize how blessed I am too only be sick in bed.

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Just Imagine how amazing Heaven must be……

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