In Memory…

A million feelings

A thousand thoughts

Never-ending memories

One sweet rose

In Memory…

of the 17 victims

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Parkland, Florida

Our prayers are with you as your tears fall…


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one sweet rose



Under the moon, he works by night
Another sleeps, for the sun is her light.
Only by chance, would their hearts soon unbeat
And their lives would just stop; so incomplete.
The echoing sound of the raging thunder…
The helpless cries are like no other.
The world knows, they see; they hear.
But ears of wax consume their fear.
Teardrops fall into the great unknown
Another song is left unsung.
Shackled hearts are left to wander
How do we stop the raging thunder?
Oh you singers of the world…
Sing out loud for it to be heard.
So no more tears drop into the great unknown…
So no more songs will be left unsung.

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Photos by Laura



9/11…14 years later

It was fourteen years ago today…the day the sky grew grey.

The loss of life…in the thousands.

The images are forever etched in our minds.

Ground zero created a common ground.  America was united.

We were a one nation under God as we mourned together,

all the while declaring our patriotism.

Flags flew from state to state as we spontaneously came together as a nation.

No Democrats. No Republicans.

No Lobbyist nor Politicians.

Just Americans.

Fourteen years later, I have to ask myself, “Where did it all go wrong?”

Our nation, once united; is now divided.

Divided socially, emotionally, politically and spiritually.

Struggling to find a common ground, we move on with one common goal.

Freedom! Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the freedom of the press.

America is built on freedom.  Willing to fight for it and even die for it, we strive for victory.

All the while… we try to limit it, control it, define it and confine it to our own liking.

I end with a quote and pray that America does not have to have another tragedy to regain unity among its people.

” America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms,

it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”    Abraham Lincoln


September 11, 2001

This article is ©Copyright-

All rights reserved

Photos by Laura