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What if we had no choice, no voice no reason to rejoice.
Just imagine if living was all in vain.
No pain, no gain, no reason to refrain.
And thinking of what could have been
What if we surrendered to our right, our might, our reason to fight?
Just imagine our future’s the past
Overcast, outcast, never asked and feelings masked
All the while our life moves on.
The secret to success was all in the head, totally dead, completely misled
Just imagine
Can you? Can you? Can you really imagine?
Wraith, no saith, no inner faith
I repeat…no inner faith.
Just black and white, out of sight, no appetite
For what is right!
What if this were true? What would you do to break through?
To get to the other side…
Be amplified, be clarified, be dignified, and glorified, be gratified, and justified, be qualified, satisfied, unified,
Be verified, and testified, identified, be purified, magnified, be beautified
All in the name of the Lord.
In Life, my friend, I recommend,
Never bend, descend nor suspend to those who offend.
In Black and white, be the white, the light, the fight, the fight for right,
Contrast, excite, delight, recite,
For God is our writ of right.


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19 days and counting

Just as the snow gives way to the new bloom of spring,

So must we, breathe in the new life that comes with it.

From winter’s end to new beginnings, allow yourself to grow

from the sweet freedoms of spring.

©Photos by Laura

~all rights reserved~

in this moment…

The light of the early morn’
slowly rises above the trees
and streams through my window’s pane.
With eyelids closed, I see its shadow;
Ever so softly waking me, I turn to look.
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Let it come, as it may.
I won’t fear the day.
I was made for this moment;
so I swallow it up with all that I am…
With such sweet emotion to know
that in this moment, I ask for nothing.
I have all I need.
My breath, my faith and a sense of hope
for what lies ahead.

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Into the Sunset Fade

while scrolling through her Facebook feed

and viewing headline news…

her mind became so cluttered of melancholy hues.

so many disappointments of earthly human error

if only she could change the view

of this ugly reign of terror…

living in the land of confusion.

living in the land of the free.

she knew there must be an answer

to all the controversy.

she looked down deep within her heart,

as she thought and thought and thought.

the answer lies deep within

but is it all for naught?

as the long day slowly ended,

she saw the bad to good outweighed…

she prayed to God, and let it go

into the sunset fade.

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Photos by Laura