Solitude; Rule of Thirds

Sometimes, solitude is one of the most beautiful things on earth.

Sometimes, we find peace and inspiration there.

 The tulip speaks solitude.

The tulip speaks solitude.

In photography, there is a rule or guideline to go by to create the solitary tulip image.  It’s called Rule of Thirds. If your camera has auto focus, you can use the points to help create the lines. If not, then just imagine a tic-tac-toe grid as you look through your view finder. If the object is alone, like the tulip, the best position is in the far left of the grid lines. The rule of thirds causes our focus to be naturally drawn toward a certain part of the image.

Although I am still learning, the concept of an off-center image is more pleasing to the eye. It looks natural. Rule of Thirds encourages to make creative use of empty space which may seem negative.

Beauty of the Butterfly

Beauty of the Butterfly

The Landing with grids

The Landing with grids

Imagine framing your photo with grid lines. Think about what the major element is of the image.  Then try to position it near or close to the grid lines. Try to avoid overcrowding. Experimenting and practice is the best way to go. Photoshop and Lightroom  software will also help with this, as they include the feature for this overlay.

The Landing without grid lines.

This is just my “small” take on Solitude and Rule of Thirds. As usual, I try to create an analogy to compare to everyday life.  So here goes…

If Rule of Thirds is a photographers way of making a negative space seem positive and more pleasing to the eye…how can this relate to us in the world in which we live and breathe?

Would it be to our advantage, at times, to use that simple grid line and imagine what a situation could look like from a tic-tac-toe view? What are the most important areas of our lives? Health? Love? Relationships? Work? God? Whatever it may be, imagine placing that focal point in a way that our focus is on the subject and not placed on the background stuff that gets in the way.

May you always find solitude within your tic-tac-toe lines of life.

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Once Upon a Time…and Not So Long Ago (revised)

Once upon a time, there was a boy…and there was a girl. The boy pursued the girl. The girl, being awestruck with his wit and charm, fell quickly for the boy. Over time, they fell in love and became husband and wife. Their love and attraction for each other grew very strong. But just how strong was their marriage?  Every relationship comes with baggage. Was their love strong enough to help each other unpack?

Time went by. The boy pleased her with spontaneous smiles, encouraging words and small tokens of love.  She, in turn, packed his lunch with his favorite foods along with special notes, only for his eyes to read. She even went hunting with him, so she could be his number one cheerleader. Yes, they were happily married.

Little did they know that life would not always be so blissful, calm, and “easy going.”

Work, bills, children and “life” began to set in. Although their love was strong, many distractions  interfered with their relationship. The boy was not so smiley and the girl…not so cheery.

One day, while traveling…the two began to argue. The boy, still concentrating on the road as well as trying to win the argument, said something very hurtful to the girl. Silently, she cried. Everything was quiet. The boy thought he had won. Notice, I said “thought” he had won.

Foolish as he was, the boy couldn’t let it go. He had to open his mouth and say one more thing. The girl was no longer crying and the silence would soon be broken.

The girl started thinking about one of his most irritating, annoying mannerisms. His pen! That annoying, obnoxious, aggravating pen! Everywhere he was, the pen was always close by.  When he misplaced it, (which was all the time) she would hear the echoing words, “Have you seen my pen?” She never understood his obsession with a pen but today was not the day to even try. So, in her temporary state of madness, she quickly snatched that thin, golden pen from his right shirt pocket. Before he knew what had happened, the pen flew from her fingertips and kissed the wind. Her silence had been broken! His pen was gone!

Thirty-one years had gone by…and that same boy and girl had found themselves driving down a somewhat, similar road. Of course, they were much older and way more experienced in matters of love and marriage. Right? Wrong!

The boy had experienced a rough day at work. The girl found herself a little, correction… a lot on the tired side. They began talking about their day’s events. The longer they talked, the more irritated the boy became. The girl noticed his tone had changed and so she asked, “Are you grouchy?”

 In a matter-of-fact voice, he replied, “No, not at all!”

But within mere moments, the boy’s attitude was very uncooperative. The girl expressed, “You seem to be very argumentative. If you’re trying to get an argument from me, it won’t work…because I am too tired.”

The boy, with a condescending smile began to explain, “I’m not wanting to argue, and by the way, the word is argumentive, not argumentative!” Yes, the girl was tired. But she was not too tired to win an argument, especially with a boy who was misspelling a word (which rarely happened).

So, the girl began to spell the word for him.


Of course, the boy disagreed and said, “Google it. You’ll see I’m right.”

And, so she did. She Googled it.

The letters appeared before his eyes as if it was the first time he had ever seen the word.

The boy’s condescending smile  quickly turned sheepish. The boy continued to drive.

The girl held his hand, and smiled within.

Two more years have passed. The boy still pursues the girl. The girl is still awestruck with his wit and charm. Together, they raised their two children and became grandparents. There have been many roads and many arguments within their thirty-three years of marriage. In time, she replaced his thin, gold pen and he learned how to correctly spell the word ‘argumentative.’

Regardless of where their baggage came from and no matter how many bumpy roads they traveled, their suitcases never became so full that they couldn’t close the lid. Sometimes the boy carried her load and sometimes she carried his. All relationships come with baggage. The goal is to find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack.

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Is Life Like a Game of Chess?

For some of you who have never experienced the battle on a chess board, you may enjoy this read enough for it to possibly pique your interest to learn more about the game.  Those who have had the opportunity to play,  you may agree that the game of chess is a battlefield where strategies, sacrifices and tactics are used to win over the opponent. Having loved and played the game for many years, I would have to say  the game of chess is similar to life.

 “CHESS IS LIFE.”  ~ Bobby Fischer

First, I would have to compare the chess board with its squares and boundaries as “life” itself. We are all on the same playing field trying to move in every direction but limited by each others desperate moves to survive. We can only go as far on the board or in “life” as our game plan will allow. Every decision or move made affects our win or loss.  In the game of chess, pieces will get in the way much like obstacles in life. Staying alert and keeping our eyes on the game or goal will help us gain our next move. And much like chess, sometimes we have to give up something in order to advance and move forward.

Secondly, the six pieces of chess are the King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight and Pawn. Most people might think the King or Queen are the most important pieces because they are the most valuable and most protected which is true. But, when playing the game, all the pieces work together; even the smallest piece (the pawn), to help us get ahead in the game. So, even with each piece having a distinct job or move to make, one is no more important than the other. The highest in ranking can fall and the lowest may rise. We are all equal because of our various strategies.


Lastly, the object of the game is to ‘checkmate’ the opponents King which basically means to capture him to the point of having no moves left. This is accomplished by moving each piece in a strategic plan in order to eliminate as many obstacles as possible to gain victory. Similar to life, we keep moving forward trying to eliminate the negatives. Sometimes, even with our best efforts,  the game is a struggle. We get weak. We miss something. We mess up. But, with every mistake and every challenge, we learn to keep moving forward with what we have left. Wins and losses are a part of life.

So, regardless of our position in life… regardless of where we think we rank,

we are all important pieces in the game.

Every piece has its own value and every piece is needed.


Is life like a game of chess? You tell me.

Please share your thoughts of any comparisons or contrasts. I’m all ears.


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Confession #4

I Have a Confession to Make

I Have a Confession to Make
The word “intimidate” is intimidating to me.
I Have a Confession to Make
I can look at myself in the mirror one moment, and then the next, see something totally different.
I Have a Confession to Make
In general, I think the world doesn’t really care enough about an issue until something traumatic happens, and then they care.
I Have a Confession to Make
I once had a best friend but now is a stranger…
I Have a Confession to Make
I’m not afraid of the dark, but more of what’s in it.
I Have a Confession to Make
Sometimes, I think a guilty conscience is a gift from God.
I Have a Confession to Make
Some people may think working from home is a piece of cake, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Working from home is WORK!
I Have a Confession to Make
I admit it…I sometimes daydream of what it would be like to live the life of the rich and famous…and then I thank God I’m not.
I Have a Confession to Make
I sometimes act as though something doesn’t matter, but down deep…it breaks my heart.
I Have a Confession to Make
I sometimes forget what I should remember and remember those things I should forget.
I Have a Confession to Make
My worst conflict: what I know I should do vs. what I feel.

I Have a Confession to Make
I can be overbearing, annoying and sometimes overly emotional…but thankfully,it doesn’t happen often nor last long, when I am. I think….  🙂
I Have a Confession to Make
I often think this… but, it’s my first time saying it…” Denying the truth doesn’t change the facts!”
I Have a Confession to Make
I can’t remember what it’s like to not be tired.
I Have a Confession to Make
I think jealousy is a lack of self-confidence. Do I get jealous? Yes!
I Have a Confession to Make
I am a Christian…A Christian with flaws.

God sees me and knows me. He understands me. He loves me.He forgives me.

His love and grace covers me completely. I am thankful. I am blessed.

This is the ultimate confession.

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