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No More Drama

Contrary to what some may think, I do have a tougher side. My words in writing may portray a ‘picture perfect’ world where we should all get along under blue skies and rainbows. This is true. But, there comes a times when you just have to call it like it is.

I'm so tired of all the drama.

And I refuse to be subjected to all the worldly mind games. Misery loves company and it seems as though people need and seek the company. Whether we invite it, create it, seek it, or associate with it…drama can become a large part of our lives.

I refuse.

I refuse to become a victim. A victim of all the drama. I refuse to succumb to the bitterness. I stand accountable for MY space.  I choose peace. The peace within that no one, and I mean no one, can touch…unless I allow it. Drama may surround me but it does not have to be within me. I choose to walk away: Away from the drama. Even when the noise is loud and completely surrounds me…I will remain calm.

This does not mean my eyes are blind. I see. I see the chaos. This does not mean my ears are deaf. I hear. I hear the banging drums. This does not mean my lips are closed. I speak. I speak to the One that matters.  I lift my eyes to God. I open my ears to His words. I lift my words in prayer to the One…the only One…who is still in control.

No more drama.

Some people may think they have all the answers when they clearly don’t even understand the questions. To them I say, ” I don’t need nor want your opinion.”

There may be times when we are powerless in preventing the injustice in our world but hatred is not the solution. There may be times when we are outraged and out of words but vandalism is not the solution. There may be times when disbelief and disgust runs through our veins but slander and judgment is not the solution. There may be times when our government is wrong but wishing harm to the White House is not the solution.

Global peril surrounds us. Always has and always will. But this is just a symptom of a much bigger issue. The cause of the global peril? We, the people who live our lives selfishly and plagued with lack of self-control.

We, the people, have been given freedoms we do not appreciate and many times do not deserve.

We cause wars upon each other and for what?

It’s time to stop the drama. It’s time to accept our responsibility in maintaining peace. To maintain peace, we must seek the right question. It will be then that the truth will be revealed. What is the right question? If peace is the state of mutual harmony between each other, we must ask ourselves…”What’s our common goal?”  If we could realize we are all a part of the same existence from God…it’s then we could all be a significant part of the same master plan.




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something beautiful

The sun discretely sets on a new horizon unconsciously giving the snow a reason to shine.

A retrospective collection of thoughts run through her mind. 

This moment is the perfect start to something beautiful.



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Stop-Look -n- Listen

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