Diversity of Experience

~There is not one single, cookie-cutter pattern in nature

and she gratifies in the beauty of her  variation. ~



These two ocean photos were taken within the time of two consecutive  clicks of my camera. Same spot. Same distance. Same ocean. But never the same. Always was, is, and always will be a variation in the view.


As the sun was setting, I caught the silhouettes of ducks floating on the lake. The beautiful reflection of sunlight beaming off the water at that particular moment in time created the most amazing silhouettes. Isn’t it awesome how  the ducks can be so different but yet share the same lake? And we, humans, scratch our heads with an inscrutable gaze still trying to figure this one out…

~The duty of all human kind is to spiritually live life fully and to use free will wisely.~ 



Variations on a Theme

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