We Write, We Photograph, We Blog, We Share

As a writer and blogger, we have many channels through social media to express our thoughts. Some may get more attention than others. I must confess…I have been lax in many areas.

One of my outlets is a small platform.  FREE FLOW FRIDAY

With many obstacles this past year, I am trying to get back into the flow of writing.

I love quotes. I came across this one and wanted to share.


Blog feel small?

If you have just one reader,

and your blog changes their life,

your blog is big enough.

                                   ~Darren Rowse


It’s one of those quotes I wish I would have thought of.

But since I didn’t, I don’t mind keeping his in the forethought of my mind. 

If you are reading this and are interested in sharing your world of words, please share your link in the comments.

I would love to follow. 

Let’s evoke some conversation and share the love.


Counting ‘clicks’ or ‘likes’ isn’t what counts.

What matters is enjoying your passion,

appreciating your talent and

possibly inspiring others with your story.  


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16 thoughts on “We Write, We Photograph, We Blog, We Share

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  2. This is amazing! I am very new in this area. I just started writing and have been a little nervous! I love Darren’s quote, if you hadn’t posted it, i wouldn’t have found it! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great quotes, The one which spoke to me is ‘Counting clicks….’ if I depended on clicks or likes I would have given up writing because none of my posts have had more than 15 likes. I told myself I will continue even if I wtite for myself I will continue because I love putting my thoughts down. Thank you.

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