empty nest

As I walked along the railroad tracks, I saw a tree whose branches were no longer in season.

Bare and colorless.

But I couldn’t help but notice the fully exposed nest among the branches.

Twigs and leaves and a collection of things. A patchwork fabric nestled within the center of the tree.

A safe haven. A comfort zone.

But like the bird who leaves an empty nest, so must we. 

Dare to fly. 



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17 thoughts on “empty nest

  1. This was a wonderful post! Such a great Topic and so descriptively stated! My daughter helped me learn the lesson you have shown us here! She started my poetry blog and said, ok, Dad I started this for you so you can share your poems. Now post. I’m helping you face your fears so i’m pushing you so you can fly. Best gift I’ve ever received!!

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  3. I almost said that it’s remarkable how such a simple object can evoke such complex meanings. But then I stopped to think about how much work birds put into building their nests, and I realized there’s nothing simple about them. Not to mention all the care that goes into raising the chicks.

    • Oh…I totally agree. Amazing, isn’t it? Even the symbolism of the empty nest. So much to compare with human life. Thanks so much for stopping back and commenting. Hope you come back.

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