softly blurred

My view has become softly blurred

and my thoughts blend within~

a surreal state of mind.

And sometimes I prefer the windows of rain…

to embrace reality, even when it hurts.



Copyright 2017~The View From My Window
All Rights Reserved


26 thoughts on “softly blurred

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    • Thanks. I truly appreciate it. It’s not so much of not finding joy but more about coping with life changes. No matter what comes and goes, I always find joy in each day God gives me. But even finding joy, sometimes it’s hard to stay strong.


    • Thanks for stopping by and checking out my little world. I recently moved from one state to another and living in an apartment which I’m not too thrilled about. Hope to find a house within the year. But this view was through an apartment window and vividly expressed my thoughts at the time. I love looking through raindrop windows.


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