softly blurred

My view has become softly blurred

and my thoughts blend within~

a surreal state of mind.

And sometimes I prefer the windows of rain…

to embrace reality, even when it hurts.



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28 thoughts on “softly blurred

  1. Isn’t it odd how change in our lives can be more bearable by contact with people we have never seen and never will? I too blogged regularly for 3 years and then my cancer became so bad I had to take it easy for some nine months until my prayers kicked in, confused my drs and my 3 month terminal prognosis just refused to happen. But I was able to finish, 4 books and am now optimistic about resuming my life. And yet, Laura, like you I still find the blurred windows of my rain soaked mind, and the bright colours of its eternal hope, to the ungodly scientific certainty of my kind hearted medical advisors who refuse to believe in any happy after life at all. Thanks for inspiring me to start talking again. Anton.

    • Anton, I completely agree that sometimes it is much easier to bare our souls to strangers than to those whom we are closest to. Maybe the lack of fear of rejection, humiliation and judgement among strangers is it. But I’m so glad you read and liked this post. I am truly excited for you and your new outlook on life. God answers prayers in unusual ways. I pray you continue to live a long, joyous life and share your world with others. I look forward to following your blog. You are an inspiration. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • Thanks. I truly appreciate it. It’s not so much of not finding joy but more about coping with life changes. No matter what comes and goes, I always find joy in each day God gives me. But even finding joy, sometimes it’s hard to stay strong.

    • Thanks for stopping by and checking out my little world. I recently moved from one state to another and living in an apartment which I’m not too thrilled about. Hope to find a house within the year. But this view was through an apartment window and vividly expressed my thoughts at the time. I love looking through raindrop windows.

  3. Laura it is wonderful to have your back. A photograph to reach the heart, a verse to touch it. This was an absolutely beautiful piece. I missed these from you.

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