Can you imagine every flower being of the same shape, likeness and color?

Me neither.

And so it is with humans.

I can’t imagine being created with all our differences

to conform to a uniform likeness of mind.

Independent lives and minds coming together through our differences

is a rare and beautiful thing.

What’s your thoughts? It’s ok if you disagree. 🙂



Copyright 2017~The View From My Window

All Rights Reserved


17 thoughts on “Uniform

  1. Hi Laura, Where have you been, I hav’nt seen you around for a long time, it was lovely to hear from you again yesterday, I hope you had a blast at your concert, how strange was that, I choose them as my sunday groove and you go to see them on the same time, how lucky you are !! I hope you are well and everything is fine in your life, best wishes

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  2. I do feel sad to see a trampled flower or one with missing parts. Quirky can still be beautiful, but sadly some flowers have challenges – just like people!
    But if you close your eyes, they smell beautiful still and can be treasured for their color and value. Even perfect flowers wilt and aren’t that way forever!

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