Sightings Have Been Reported

Beware of or Be Aware of current sightings of the smartphone zombie: One who blindly walks with smartphone in hand, completely unaware of their surroundings to other humans or possible danger.

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24 thoughts on “Sightings Have Been Reported

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  2. Here in Victoria Australia..Melbourne they have got blinking foot lights at the lights for those who are on their phones…I say stop walking with your phone, look up, look around you…smile ….see your surroundings….

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    • Wow! That’s definitely moving in the wrong direction. Definitely need to look up more and see the faces of those around us. I love studying faces while I walk around in public. 😀

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      • Me too I walk around with a smile on my face. I often wonder what people are up too . Those with their head face down looking at a phone 📱 miss out on a lot. Yes I agree totally wrong direction regarding the lights .

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