Acceptance: Another Laura-ism

Nothing is ever permanent. Everything changes. Finding the lesson in this fact is through acceptance. This is just one of the many views through my window.

~ Perspective is everything.  Acceptance is a choice.~

Life is so unpredictable. This is why we must learn the beauty of acceptance. See it through a different perspective. Realize we have a choice. When challenges come our way, we can either accept it or resist it. Sometimes, reality can not be changed. Accepting helps us overcome and move forward.

How I wish there was a ‘cure all’ for challenges that come my way. If there was a just ‘a one-size-fits-all’ hat we could wear to avoid the heartaches. But there’s not.


Here are just a few of my own definitions of which acceptance has taught me.

Acceptance: acknowledging you have a heartache that just won’t go away

Acceptance: the decision to love despite the circumstances

Acceptance: the key to long-suffering

Acceptance: slang/It is what it is

Acceptance: unrestricted compassion

Acceptance: perception without judgement

Acceptance: living through faith

Acceptance: a journey of self-love

Acceptance: the liaison of differences in diversity

Acceptance: giving it over to God

I have learned that acceptance is not a weakness but a strength.

The power of acceptance is within each of us.

Please share your thoughts on acceptance. I am truly interested in hearing your thoughts.

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13 thoughts on “Acceptance: Another Laura-ism

  1. My thought is that I adore this post and am SO very much enjoying your blog:) Acceptance for me has been precisely everything you state; with my own greatest lesson being accepting that I am not in control and that God keeps me from some of my own plans and desires for my own benefit and for his glory <3

  2. Acceptance is recognising that other family members have their differences and only they can let them go or walk away from them….or other options.

    • Good point. The dynamics of the differences in a family unit are extremely important. Thanks so much! I always appreciate your comments. 🙂

    • Thank you! So true! And some people confuse joyfulness and happiness. Being Joyful is definitely the goal. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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