The Road Taken

Very few of you may know I  have many interests in social media. Not only do I write for this platform but I also try to expand my skills and widen my perspective through others platforms. Among one of the many I’m fond of is my free WordPress platform, She Walks in Beauty, which is written through the idea of focusing on inner beauty and looking for the positive in all things.

I rarely share my other interests on this platform but today, I am. I am sharing a post I’ve written for the Photo Challenge: The Road Taken. There are so many photos I could have shared on this platform for this WordPress prompt but the one photo that I would least expect to fit this particular photo challenge, has managed to say more to me than any other photo I have ever captured. Why? Because it became uniquely personal and that makes all the difference. Please click this link to read: The Beautiful Mundane

If you have any thoughts, please share. I am up for some great conversation. Also, feel free to leave a link to another  personal blog, social media or interest you may have. I enjoy exploring the blogosphere.

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  3. I didn’t know you had another blog, glad to discover this today. A beautiful message in this and my day is blessed because of your story. 🙂

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