3 Better Ways To Discuss Politics

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Her In Progress

Whether our next president was going to be the first woman or the first billionaire, we all knew history would be made.

Even before this campaign, I’ve been reevaluating my politics and social media for some time. To establish some equilibrium, I’ve given myself some ground rules when discussing politics that include these three things…

1. Beware the blade that cuts both ways.

Authentic tolerance is a two-way street.

In politics it is important to clarify what is being discussed – personal opinion, a definition of morality or government’s right to enforce. These are not the same things. I can immediately think of topics I would have different conversations about, based on which one was being discussed.

Government interference is sometimes necessary, which is why it exists. However, when debating policy, I try to consider how it would feel if the shoe were on the other foot. Since administrations change at least every…

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