Point of View/Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

‘Twixt the optimist and the pessimist the difference is the droll:

The optimist sees the doughnut but the pessimist see the hole.

~ McLandburgh Wilson

While researching quotes, I stumbled upon this one and it hit me right between the eyes. The echo of this author and poet  silences a world of chatter.

It’s a funny thing, the optimist and the pessimist. One believes the best will happen where the other believes the worst; but there are advantages and disadvantages to both perspectives. But the truth is, realism is what really matters.

In my own life and even in my writings, I find myself as being the optimist. For every negative there is a positive. But I also know that life just sucks sometimes and excepting it makes it real enough for me to adjust my perspective to understand it.

Below is a list, which is not strictly limited to these alone, of some of my do’s and dont’s for a more positive life. I have to admit, I am still working on these and hoping to see life through blessings rather than disappointments.

There is one tip on this list that I really struggle with. Can anyone guess which one it is? In the meantime, please share with me your tips and suggestions for finding the diamond in the rough. This inquiring mind wants to know! 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Point of View/Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

  1. Love the quote! I, too am an optimist. I like being an optimist. Pessimism sucks the life as well as the joy out of you. My tip is to live in the now and be grateful. Whenever life events or thoughts attempt to bring me down now, my first response meter is gratitude. When I start making a list of the things I am grateful for, my spirit opens up. Last but certainly not least, if I could change something I would. Since I can’t, it’s in God’s hands.

    • Great piece of advice. Living in the here and now is such a blessing. And leaving things in God’s hands is always the right thing to do. Sometimes we get in the way of ourselves so much that it’s difficult to see when things aren’t working. But I am definitely getting better at letting Him work in my life. 🙂

  2. Great suggestions! I would add getting a good night’s sleep (at least 8 hours!) I’ve noticed how much better I do when well rested!

  3. When you get to a certain age you don’t sweat the small stuff. I see the doughnut – and too fat in the middle me – I shall eat it and exercise tomorrow. Lol Do You worry too much? I try hard to keep negative people out of my life, I tolerated them too much in my past and they drug me down into a pit. Try to leave the past behind – too much sorrow in my life in the past. I try hard to be positive, I refuse to gossip or run anyone down, I try to smile at everyone (I might make their day better). I tell myself everyday that bad things happen and life goes on. Positive is the key word

    • Wow! Great comments, Peggy. I, too, try to stay positive and keep the negativity down. I, too, want to eat the doughnut. 😬 And I don’t sweat the small stuff. I totally agree that the older I get, the less drama I want and try to avoid it!
      No, I don’t worry. My faith keeps me worry-Free.

  4. A great list, Laura! I really love the quote at the very beginning too. You know, it hit me that there are a few biblical scriptures warning against the “:dont;s” on your list. I guess God knows a thing or two about “do’s” and “dont’s” as well…Great post!


  5. “The optimist sees the doughnut but the pessimist see the hole.” I must be be the super optimist then except that my doctor wants to ensure that I stay away from doughnuts. I need to show this quote to my doctor and threaten to sue him for converting me to a pessimist.☺

    • No… I used to be an over-thinker years ago but I didn’t like how it caused sleepless nights so I cleared my head of all the unnecessary stuff. I sleep much better now! 😜

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