Wordless Wednesday

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11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. This is such a beautiful shot! To me it’s like a unknown road, a delicious journey in which the leaves are there to swirl around you in which even though they may be dead according to science, they are more than alive dancing to the tune of the wind. Wow, I loved this shot!

    • Thanks! This is from a place I loved to go to in WV before I moved. Great place to reflect and get away. This is beautiful no matter what time of the year. My favorite time for photos was fall and winter. This was taken about 8 years ago and I miss it!

        • Awesome! I was born and raised in the northcentral area of WV near Morgantown…the home of the Mountaineers. I then moved to Beckley which is near Charleston. Now I am living in Richmond, Va. I miss WV. But I will always be a Mountaineer no matter where I live. I’m a coal miners daughter and love my roots. I also have family from the Canton, Ohio area. I have fond memories as a child visiting my grandparents. Love the area there, too.

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