I’m Not a ‘Britney Spears’

Enjoying a day off, I wake with a mental To-Do-List running through my head. As I grab my morning breakfast, I can’t help but hear the latest trending news, while flipping the TV remote. And it goes something like this:



Britney Spears Performs in Las Vegas

What the Most Desirable Face Looks Like

Taylor Swift Doesn’t SHAKE OFF Jury Duty

What do the “VOICE” coaches Do Backstage?

See the Best and Wildest Outfits from MTV’s VMAs


Born and raised…

to mow my own lawn..

scrub my own toilets.

work hard for the American dollar.

accept the face I’m in.

the place I’m in.

take nothing and no one for granted.

love God and my enemies.

and be the best person I can be.

and then

get up and do it all over again.

I’m not a Britney Spears. I’m not looking for a new face. I don’t care about Taylor Swift’s jury duty. I don’t need to know what the VOICE coaches do backstage…and the fashion of the latest  Award Show doesn’t even come close to what’s on my mind.

I’m just a woman who wants to know that my children and grandchildren will be safe and happy when I’m gone. I’m just a woman who wants to relate to the real issues of the real world. I’m just a woman who wants to make a difference in others lives.

While Britney struts her stuff on the Las Vegas stage, I’m drinking Aquafina bottled water because I just finished mowing my own lawn. We live in two different worlds and although I know Britney has worked hard to get where she is, so have I….and I can’t imagine even wanting to change places with her.  For that, I am thankful!



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