Portrait: A Child’s Eyes

Gems in motion

watching my every move

so innocent

yet wildly free

truth lies within

wonderment’s delight smiles softly

everything magical

everything new

everything possible

everything good

Just as it should be

Through a child’s eyes.

Copyright 2016~The View~ All Rights Reserved

Discovery Challenge: Portrait






18 thoughts on “Portrait: A Child’s Eyes

  1. What a beautifully moving poem, yes the eyes of a child is more alluring than any jewellery because it withholds an innocence and curiosity which seems to be lost through adulthood. Great poem, once more!

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    • Thank you Cindy! This is my grandson and this was originally a pic I took of him in color where his big beautiful blue eyes are so vivid. I was surprised at how nice the sketch turned out!

      Liked by 1 person

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