That moment in your life when you slow down and simplify.

We all need those moments when we just let go of all the stuff and free the mind.

Walk or Ride? You Decide…on the road less traveled.



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Cee’s ‘Which Way’ Photo Challenge

24 thoughts on “unwind

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  2. Yes.. It’s real. It’s at a resort at Jekyll Island Resort in Georgia. Loved it! Wish I was there now.Thanks so much!😃

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    • Thanks Peggy! Same here! I’m not sure if I would even look right on a bike, these days! Maye I should try! I need to unwind, but lately…evening and weekend drives to catch a glimpse of the sunset is my quick daily getaways. 🙂

    • It was beautiful. This was just one of the amazing this I loved about this place. This is at the Jekyll Island Resort in Georgia. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  4. i wish, that like Mary Poppins, I could jump into this picture! I want to jump on one of those bikes and ride until I find an ice cream shop.

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