The Reality of Fear

It’s another Free Flow Friday. The Question is:

“What’s Your Biggest Fear?”

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3 thoughts on “The Reality of Fear

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate the follow! I’m now following your blog, as well. I think we have much in common. I, too, have feared my children leaving home. My daughter was very independent when she went to college and still is, even now as mother of a 3 year old and soon to have another one. My son is single and lives a good distance away in a big city. Times are changing. Although they are grown, and living miles away from me… my fear has changed. I don’t fear what the may do but what others will do. But, I pray and have faith God will stay close. I love your blog. I really look forward to your posts. We seem to have the same perspective on things. Check out my other blog which one I hope to devote more time to. She Walks in Beauty Talk again soon. 🙂

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