Do You Ever Find Yourself ‘Looking Back?’

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Today is Friday so here is the link: Looking Back, which is today’s Prompt. Anyone and all readers are welcome to comment and share their thoughts on today’s Free Flow Friday.

13 thoughts on “Do You Ever Find Yourself ‘Looking Back?’

  1. Hmm – interesting question. My first thought is ‘no – not very much – I kind of enjoy the here and now.’
    Let me have a think …
    Nope – not to any great extent.
    I’m listening to new music at the moment, so that stops me remembering memories associated with old music. I tend to read books that have been written this millennium. Writing this blog (Writing Tips, Thoughts, Poetry etc.) keeps me grounded in the here and now. When I talk to people it tends to be about what I am experiencing now. I love to watch the sky and clouds and walk around by the river and places like that, and these things are always up-to-date. My work tends to be about current events too so no time to dwell on the past.
    Hmm – sorry about that – I can’t say that I do find myself ‘looking back’ very often. Even my dreams tend to be about things happening now.
    Nice exercise, though – thanks for that Laura! 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

    • Wow! How do you do that? The not looking back thing? In a way, I envy you. Sometimes looking back is not a good thing but yet, reminiscing is a wonderful part of looking back. Even when it’s tough to look back, it’s still good. It’s all a part of life and learning from the past. I went sky diving in April and I’m still looking back at the amazing experience of where it has taken me in the last few months. Most of my writing is all about life experiences which is all about looking back. Where would we be without all our yesterdays? I truly appreciate your comments and admire your writing ability. I’m curious as to what else I may learn about you, my new found friend!😃

      • New found friend? But we’ve known each other for months, ever since I told you that we are both the progeny of coal miners (my granddad was a miner) and I shared a video with you in my comment. But hey – so many friends, so little time – right? 🙂
        All those things about looking back, that you say here, are great. I guess – now you say it like that, all of everything I write is built on what I have experienced in the past – including a huge amount of the stuff in this comment. It’s maybe that I don’t think of it as being in the past. If I’m thinking of it now, then (at least for me) it is in the now.
        Isn’t the mind a strange and wonderful place, Laura! 😀

        • Aha! Gotchya! I knew if I said ‘new found friend’ you would have to speak of the past. 😃
          Speaking of the past and looking back… There are some things I should remember but can’t. I think some of my good experiences have been blocked from my memory because of the bad ones. Not sure if that’s possible but I think it’s true for me. Anyways, I’ve not written on my blog since the beginning of the month so thanks for your comments to get me back on track. 😃

    • I have fond memories looking back while listening to music, as well. Certain songs will put right back in that time warp of fun times. John Mellencamp: Driving around in my baby blue Camaro without a care In the world. Bob Seger: Dating my Husband REO Speedwagon: First Concert with Hubby and on on….

    • Interesting thoughts. My looking back comes in various ways but I remember, as a kid, always looking back through the back car window to see the view behind me. Now, I find myself looking back as I walk through a parking lot, especially at night. Times have changed.

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