It’s Written In the SKY

While walking along the shoreline, I couldn’t help but notice the blue-gray clouds in the sky. The ocean is always amazing to shoot photos of during a cloudless day, but today was different.

As I looked through my lens, the sky hovered over with a glorious presence. With the ocean no longer in view, I snapped a shot. Just as the shutter opened, a bird appeared. And at that very moment, the sky said it all.


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14 thoughts on “It’s Written In the SKY

    • Thanks Sandra! What is more of a blessing is that we are able to share our thoughts and encouraging words with each other across the miles. I always enjoy your posts! 🙂

      • I have been so busy driving for the past several days. I will be catching up tonight. Just wrote a post and need to edit. I am still trying to determine schedules but lately it is “go with the flow.”

        • I know what you mean. I’ve been busy with work and it gets a little tough trying to get everything done…but I try! Have a great day! 🙂

    • Thanks and Yes…I love it when surprises come my way and I am able to capture it. Clouds have always intrigued me, even as a young girl. 🙂 Thanks for your comments! I always enjoy your visits.

    • Awww! Thanks! I love it when I read a post that is needed right at that very moment. It never ceases to amaze me how strangers who are miles apart can be going though similar moments at the same time and read each others minds. Life is good! 🙂

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