My Coleboy

The tears flood my eyes as they painfully drop to my lap.

I am crying.

Me and ColeBoy

Me and ColeBoy

November,2001-May 1, 2016

What we have once loved, we can never lose.

It becomes a part of who we are.

26 thoughts on “My Coleboy

  1. I am so sorry. I’ve been there, and it’s a loss of a family member – usually the sweetest one!

    • Thank you so much! Sunday will make five weeks since I said goodbye to my beautiful furry friend. But each day is getting better and I can now smile when sharing memories and reminiscing. 😃 Thank you for your care and concern!

        • It will be two weeks tomorrow since we said our goodbyes and I still shed tears. 😢 But I’m crying with a smile now.😃

          • I lost my BabyBear after fighting an 8 mo. rattlesnake bite battle the same week I lost my mom after fighting a 5 mo battle with cancer…tears from memories can warm the heart!

    • Thank you for your words of comfort. I am doing much better. The tears still come but I can smile now when they fall.😃

    • Thank you, Tony! Not sure how to process it all… I am so sad! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and kind words.

  2. So sorry Laura. They are such a part of our heart. Thinking of you and wishing there was some way to make it easier.

    • Thank you, Ms. Nancy! He was so much a part of who I am. There’s such a void in my life today but my heart has so much love for him.

    • Thank you, Lisa! Fifteen years of love and devotion from our furry friend has been a true blessing but so hard to move on from this sad place.

  3. My heart goes out to you. My eyes are teary eyed now just thinking about it. I grew up with having dogs in my family and it was never easy. Much love to you and Coleboy. 💞

    • Thank you so much! Pets have a way of giving humans something that even some humans are incapable of. This was Coleboy! I miss him badly! 🙁

    • Thank you so much, Lori! I know I am better for having this beautiful creature in my life but saying good-bye is so, so hard. 🙁

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