today’s future…

Praying for our future generation.

What they learn today

is extremely important

for all of their tomorrows.



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9 thoughts on “today’s future…

  1. I truly believe that all children need are time and love. OK laughter might be on the list too. Yes, we have knowledge they don’t have, but of now, let them learn how to take turns, wonder whey the grass turns green in the summer, and how the birds teach their young how to fly. From your blog I am confident your strength is to let them embrace their sense of themselves. How lucky they are… Always inspired.

  2. These precious little ones have so much potential, I pray that nothing will come into thier lives that would deter them from reaching their full potential.

  3. So so true, Sandra! I pray often for our country/world. But my concern is also what today’s “little ones” will face in their future. But I know my faith is strong and God is always in control no matter what we see in this temporal world we live. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. The world is becoming more scary by the minute, we need to pray for not only our future generation but today as while.

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