Landscape View

Somehow, everything just falls into place

and makes the view even more beautiful.

Driftwood at Jekyll Island, GA



submitted to Daily Post: Photo Challenge

23 thoughts on “Landscape View

    • It was amazing with all the driftwood. This is actually the beachfront at Jekyll Island. The Atlantic ocean is in the background.

  1. I love your words and this photo is so calming and beautiful. I really enjoy coming to your page to read your words and photos. Just wanted to let you know a couple of days ago I nominated you for an award, you can find it on my page if you choose to accept.

  2. Just like God’s plan for our life. We feel like we are drifting along after being broken off from what we may have known, but in His timing, the drifting stops and beauty appears in His plan for our brokenness 🙂😬❤️🎈
    I never thought about driftwood and a parallel before🤓
    Great picture and post!

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