Getting Back to Nature

Hello Friends,

I was nominated for a 7 -Day Nature Photo Challenge by a wonderful blogger friend, Stella, back on March 12th.  I sincerely apologize to her for taking so long to post this. I hope she forgives me and enjoys my pics. I truly love nature and I appreciate her nomination. Please check her out. She blogs over at Giggles and Tales , a potpourri of ramblings, poems and much more. I have come to respect her as a writer, blogger and photographer. To view my nomination from her, just click here.  In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite nature photos.

Look deep into nature…



Just slow down...

and Just slow down…


Find beauty in the little things...

Find beauty in the little things…


and in all its volume...

and in all the volume she speaks…


Listen to its silence.

Listen to her silence.


welcome the stillness within.

welcome the stillness within.


recognize the seasons of change,



and the beauty of meloncholy days

and the beauty of melancholy days


free your mind

free your mind


relax your thoughts...

relax your thoughts…


and be thankful for every sun that sets...and in its rise again.

and be thankful for the sun that sets…and in its rise again.


I nominate the following bloggers to bring out the beauty of what nature means to them.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Erin’s Big World

The Utopia Universe

The Blue Spade

Belinda O

Little House in Missouri

Few Words-Uncountable Colours

If there are any other bloggers who would love to participate in this challenge,

please consider yourself nominated. Just use this link to use in your post. 🙂

©Photos by Laura

~all rights reserved~


20 thoughts on “Getting Back to Nature

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  3. Beautiful photos as always Laura. Thank you for the nomination. Another blogger nominated me as well so I really have to get on it now. Lol. I’m new to all this so bear with me as I find my way.

  4. Truly an excellent choice for the nomination amd congratulations! I thoroughly enjoy your images and it was worth the wait. And the Blogger who nominated you is awesome as well! You guys rock!

  5. Aren’t these photos beautiful? Yes, indeed they are! I knew she’d handle it and give the task her pro-touch. Dear Laura, You haven’t done anything to seek forgiveness… I totally understand how pressed for time we all are at some point. I ‘ve got awards and nominations yet to be tackled and it’s taking me ages to get them out of the way. I guess a little delay is just fine.

    What can I say to that elaborate intro? You got me chuckling and I really appreciate it. Thanks a mil for the kind mention, I admire your creativity in churning out exquisite photos with intriguing poetic lines and verses. Thank you. Blessings to you, 🙂

  6. These photos are beautiful. I was startled at the end to see that you nominated me! Thank you! I don’t typically do photos (not my own, at least), but I have a few I can pull out!

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