looks can be deceiving

Appearances are often deceiving.

Sometimes, in life…we often judge a person or a situation before seeing the complete picture.

Appearances are merely glimpses of the unseen.

This ball appears BIG

This ball appears BIG

As you can see, the first photo depicts the ball as much larger than the chair. Maybe because you’re too close to the subject. Maybe it’s too close to you. Maybe you don’t have all the facts. Maybe you have no clue what the ball really looks like.  Maybe you need to step back to get a different perspective.

When actually, it's not.

It’s actually smaller than it appears.

Now what do you see? It’s obvious that the ball is not as big as it once appeared. When placed next to another object, a comparison could be made to see the difference.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could see people, life and emotions on this scale of observation? In today’s world, we tend to just point the camera and capture what we want. Our focus is distorted. It’s not always what we think we see.

First impressions may be deceiving.

Their is a much bigger picture...and we're not it.

There is something much bigger…and it’s not us.

The photo above is an ocean view shot from a balcony.  If you look closely, there are two people walking along the shore. They appear small compared to the infinite blue. They appear small because the ocean is much larger in size. Sometimes, we try to be the infinite blue. We try to make ourselves bigger than we actually are. But, in truth…we are really small in the big picture of life. Our wants are trivial compared to another person’s needs.

Little Moon? I think not!

Little Moon? I think not!

This photo was taken just before dusk.  The trees behind my house made the moon seem so small. But we all know the moon is much bigger than it appears to be in the sky. Appearances  can be deceiving.

Next time you look at the moon, think of this:

No matter what our differences, whether big or small.

Remember, we all look at the same moon. No matter who we are!


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7 thoughts on “looks can be deceiving

  1. A really good post on appearances being deceiving. It is much harder to see that in the intangible things like our emotions. Only if it was this easy with the intangible. Can you imagine how the world would change if people could step back and say “it may not be just what we think we see?” Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks Oneta. I’m currently enrolled in a beginners photography class and this assignment was a little different. Although, I took the photos on my cell phone, I think I got the point across and added my own analogy to the pics. Thanks for your comments. 😃

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