Where’s Your Focus?

Horizontal Vs. Vertical…

Horizontal photos are wider than they are tall. Vertical photos are taller than they are wide. As a person, I usually tend to view the world horizontally for the simple fact I like to see the bigger picture. In my many photography experiences, I am realizing I prefer horizontal images, as well. The camera feels awkward in a vertical position.  The object seems small. When I do attempt to take a vertical photo, I usually don’t like the look of the image so I just hit ‘delete’ and don’t think twice.  But through this Photo101 Assignment, I see a difference between the two.  Although it may not be much of a difference, it’s enough for me to think twice about my options.

Horizontal conveys largeness which allows the eye to look further past the focal point.



Vertical limits the view which allows the eye to focus on a single object.



In the horizontal image, I notice the hose more. In the vertical image, I notice the water more. My goal was to focus on the water in each attempt. Even though there is a slight difference; it’s enough to realize I definitely need to ‘vertically’ experiment more.

Sometimes we tend to go through life seeing things only one way.

Sometimes we really don’t need to see the bigger picture.

Sometimes less is more.


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24 thoughts on “Where’s Your Focus?

  1. Good point! I prefer the old names also. The assignment called it as vertical and horizontal which is the same, just stated differently. I guess I never really took enough interest to see the differences in the shots and how to get that perfect image.

  2. hmm… your point of view is more or less the reason I preferred the old names – portrait (for vertical) and landscape (for horizontal). Thinking of People, my focus gravitates towards one person at a time; of Nature – and I seem to want to take all of it in…
    No doubt this course and the participants are eye openers 🙂

  3. Thanks a bunch for the clarification. It’s interesting to know details about the two and you did a great job with it. The shots were great too. Cheers! 🙂

  4. You taught we a lot today, Laura. Great shots. Your write-up said it all. In life we have many options, but we have to know what we need and just go for it.

  5. Now that you mention it, there is a difference between vertical and horizontal images. While looking for pictures for my blog I too have noticed that vertical images are much better at focusing one’s attention on a specific point. But I mostly prefer horizontal ones, because they’re an ideal shape for breaking up the text in my posts.

  6. I need more practice with water photos. The ocean seems to come easy but other water shots are harder. I have a lot to learn! 🙂

    • Thanks… you’re welcome but the real “thanks” goes to Blogging U for bringing this to my attention. I really don’t enjoy taking vertical photos but I am going to start experimenting more. 🙂

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