Saying “Thanks!”

When I first opened this window from my small little world, the view was limited. No one stopped by and I never ventured out to see the view of others. Because I was new to the blogging world, I wasn’t sure if anyone even wanted to see my view. I wasn’t sure how long I could even leave the window open. So, I took a chance.  I decided to open the window a little further. A few people stopped by to say “hello.”  I shared their view with a few and in turn, they shared mine.  It’s amazing how people connect through thoughts, words and unique passions. Some views may be very similar while others may contrast but the window is open to all.  The wider the window opened, the bigger the view became. I am so thankful I decided to leave the window open. My view is beautiful and it’s all because of you.

For all those who have helped create this amazing view, “Thank You.”

I look for forward to meeting many more wonderful people from The View From My Window!


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17 thoughts on “Saying “Thanks!”

  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Glad to be one of those who checked out your view. It has been pleasing, funny and informative. I’ll keep checking your view. Congratulations!

    • Thanks Deirdre! I have to admit, it did put a little smile on my face. I try not to focus too much on “likes” or comments, although that would be awesome to get more traffic. But, just to know that people are actually viewing it makes me want to keep the window open for as long as I can. 🙂

      • I know what you mean, I’m the same way as I’ve only been here for little over three
        months. I’m just glad when one person likes what I post. I know more will come to both our pages in due time. I’m just glad to have something to write each day.

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