silence the mind…and

~Quietly Listen to the Earth Breathe~


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15 thoughts on “silence the mind…and

      • Thank you Laura.I myself don’t know what’s behind these challenge thing on WP.But for me it gives me way to know others more, and not just concerned about the stats.I know we could all be busy and doesn’t have time to do this but at least it is a way to let you know you have been thought of. Hope you have fun today!
        Thank you for taking the time to reply.I

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    • Thank you! Yes, nature is amazing. My favorites are getting sunsets from anywhere and everywhere, water shots, flowers, open fields and well there’s just too many to name. I wish I could just get up early enough to get more sunrises…..Nature makes me think differently. 🙂


    • I appreciate your kindness. This photo took better than what I thought. I shot it from the passengers seat going about 65 mph. and it came out of nowhere so I had to hurry point and shoot. 🙂

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      • My wordpress is acting strange. I saw a comment from you about my poem WE and as I was typing the comment with couple of others just vanished. So I will comment here. Appreciate your encouraging words. one down out of 52, 51 more to go.

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          • Not sure exactly what happened. I can still see the comment going to the dashboard, I can see the comment in my email, it is only in the sidebar of my reader on my pc that I do not see. I may have touched some key by mistake while typing that sent it to the trash. Not sure how to retrieve the comment from trash.


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