Photo Challenge: Alphabet

This week’s photo challenge is Alphabet.

Take us to school with your photos and show us some ABC’s.

Take your eyes off of the big huge letters that spell subway and look down just above the steps?

What do you see?

What does this word say to you?

Art or graffiti? You tell me.

If your words would become a famous quote, what would it be?

Coffee or Tea? What’s your pleasure?

The ABC’s of childhood. What’s your favorite memory?


Fix or replace daily? or First on race day? You Decide…

The alphabet hits center stage with rocker, Rod Stewart. Who’s your favorite musician?

For more ABC’s, you can visit Alphabet/The Daily Post


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14 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Alphabet

  1. Great photo combination. I am wondering how you get the “photos by Laura in the corner of each image. It may sound like a silly question but I honestly don’t know.

    • Not silly at all. I place it on the image in my photo editing program. Go to the “object” button in the program and then hit the T for text. This allows you to write a text on the photo. To get the copyright symbol, you hold down on the alt key and type the numbers 0169. The copyright symbol appears on the photo and then just add your name. You can use any font your program has and size or color. Do you have a photo editing program? If not, there are free ones that can be down loaded.

  2. Love what you’ve come up with out of the weekly challenge’s prompt. =)
    Anyway, I made a challenge out of it, if you have time, join the challenge. =)

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