She whispered, “I’m afraid.”

She whispered, “I’m afraid.”
And then everything changed when she realized

In nearly every aspect of our lives, whether it’s in ourselves or in others; we will face moments when we will need this thing called confidence. So how do we gain it,  build it and own it? The bad news is; there’s no easy fix. The good news? It is achievable.

So what do we do?

 First, we must realize that we are human and make mistakes. Yes, we will make mistakes! Mistakes are meant to be made for our learning. Once, we learn how to handle failure, we will then see it for what it is and gain a better positive attitude. Don’t strive for perfection but rather build on the small, simple victories. Own your thoughts. Stay focused. Stay grounded. Don’t let others cause doubt. There’s no room for it! Stay committed.

So, if that voice within ever whispers, “I’m afraid.”

Know and realize that everything will change because “YOU CAN”

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  1. So far, this is a moment of surprise and gratitude for me. Waking up to find that someone somewhere is being inspired and lifted up by the subtle messages through my blog posts. I sincerely appreciate this. Thank you so much, Dear Laura for your positive thoughts about my blog. Knowing that my message touches people positively is the reason I want to write more. God bless you. 🙂

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