for the reader…

If someone were reading the first sentence in the first chapter of my very first book right now, this very moment; who would it be?

Would it be someone who wants to just get a quick energizer for a Manic Monday?

Maybe it’s a mother who is burnt out with the mundane and needing a “pick me up” or personal praise.

How about the poetic person looking for a few words of calm?

Could it be someone looking for God and inner peace?

I know; maybe a nature lover who enjoys the capture of a beautiful sunrise or sunset…

No matter who the person may be, I hope they would be able to connect to whatever experience I may write about. My words come from a much deeper place. I want to explore the soul element of life and when I do, the words must be written. If someone, just one person, reads and has a complete understanding from my experience; that’s a true blessing. If my words are written for my mere pleasure and no one out there ever reads a single word, it’s still a blessing. Writing is more than just putting words on paper for me. Writing is a written prayer.

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5 thoughts on “for the reader…

  1. “Writing is a written prayer.” That is so beautiful and encapsulating. As a poet and blogger, this certainly gives me an insight to what I’m doing and wish to do ahead. I’m just a beginner and reading blogs like yours give me such a great perspective to view things around me and inspires me to write even more.
    Thank you so much 🙂

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