I’m Four Days into 2016…

I’m four days into 2016 and so much is on my mind; New Year’s Resolutions, family, world issues, aging, the future and so much more…but, today I want to take a moment to introduce myself to some and re-introduce myself to others.I am a person of many interests, two of which are photography and writing. The idea of pictures and words coming together to discover and uncover who I am is very personal; but when others connect to my world of words, it only convinces me more that we all have a story to tell.

I am, by no means, a professional photographer or writer, but my dreams are leading me in that direction. Photography opens up a window and allows me to release the words within and at other times, the words within help me focus to a bigger and better view. When the two are combined, who knows where the story will go.

As long as I’m given the time and ability, I will write. As long as I’m given opportunities, I will share my stories. As long as the words freely flow, I will be changed by each one. And, as long as it will forever shape me into the person I’m supposed to be, I will forever be thankful!

I’m four days into 2016 and I write…

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6 thoughts on “I’m Four Days into 2016…

  1. I am 13 days into 2016 and yet to work on my resolutions. Now I am thinking of not doing them at all 😛 😀 Thanks for the follow. And Congrats on crossing 1500 + . 🙂

  2. We share common interests, although chronologically, I’m a bit ahead of you. Started selling my photography in 2007 and published my first novel in 2012. If I can help in any way, do not hesitate to ask. Perhaps you can learn from my mistakes.

      • Maybe I should write a blog about how I got started.
        Once I decided to write a book, the first thing I did was research the market. Who was buying e-books? That led me to create my main character, a baby boomer, working woman.

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