while i swing…

As a child, I loved swinging on my parents front porch swing. I would sit and dream the day away.

No cares or worries…just pure, unadulterated joy.

So much time has gone by since those days of old… and today, I find myself sitting on my own swing realizing how much different it is. I realize we are often re-evaluating the importance of our lives by pivotal or life changing moments. You know…the things we often take for granted: our jobs, health, friends, family and even the fact of ever seeing the sunrise or sunset of the day.

Why does it take a shocking blow to our heart before we can open our eyes
to the important aspects of life and all that’s in it?
Most days, the clocks are punched, we earn the honest dollar, invest in our future and supply ourselves with luxuries we call necessities…while our cup runs over.
Life is Good. Right?

But then a life jolting moment occurs that brings us back to reality that tomorrow is not promised to any of us.
Why must it take a traumatic moment to bring us to such a reality?

So, we make a mental note; a promise to ourselves that life will be taken more seriously. We will treasure those special moments and appreciate people more and so on and so on…

Yes! There’s a BUT…

We do take notice. We appreciate more. We do better.

then life moves on and so do we. The pace picks back up. We slowly forget about those “impact moments” that made us stop in our tracks and look around.
We forget.  We are selfish. We unconsciously think that life is never-ending.

Because we’re human.

So, While I Swing…
I sit and wonder what my future holds. But, all the while; very aware that one day simply won’t exist because with every blink of an eye, anything can change.

All I know is…

No matter how good or bad I may think life is,

I want to fall asleep each night and wake each day with a thankful heart…
  Life is a gift and should never be taken for granted.

Rely on God!

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2 thoughts on “while i swing…

    • This was my parents swing on their front porch. When we moved to another state three years ago, we invited my parents to move and live with us so they wouldn’t be alone with none of us kids close by. They decided to take us up on the offer so that swing was packed up and they now live with us! This swing always brings me back to my roots and true self!

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