Into the Sunset Fade

while scrolling through her Facebook feed

and viewing headline news…

her mind became so cluttered of melancholy hues.

so many disappointments of earthly human error

if only she could change the view

of this ugly reign of terror…

living in the land of confusion.

living in the land of the free.

she knew there must be an answer

to all the controversy.

she looked down deep within her heart,

as she thought and thought and thought.

the answer lies deep within

but is it all for naught?

as the long day slowly ended,

she saw the bad to good outweighed…

she prayed to God, and let it go

into the sunset fade.

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Photos by Laura

One thought on “Into the Sunset Fade

  1. That’s what we have to do, give it to God for he is in control of it all. We just have to trust him and he will see us through.

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