my silent sorry…

I find myself regretting thoughts and words from my recent past.

My camouflage friend was telling the truth…

and I find myself wishing I had thought of her differently.

Why did I mistrust? Why the doubts? Just because she was

odd? because she was quiet but always inquiring?

Or maybe because she was an introvert?  Whatever the reasons…

they were invalid.

and now,

I find myself realizing I was the camouflage friend…

by pretending to care when I didn’t even trust.

pretending to know when I didn’t understand.

so, I quietly bow my head in shame

and ask for her forgiveness without her knowledge…

and pray I never call anyone “camouflage” again

all the while…making sure I’m not that camouflage friend.

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Photos by Laura

Original story/source: Mirage and Camouflage



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